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As a result of the Affordable Care Act, section 2718(e) of the Public Health Service Act, requires that each hospital operating within the United States shall for each year establish (and update) and make public (in accordance with guidelines developed by the Secretary) a list of the hospital's standard charges for items and services provided by the hospital, established under section 1886(d) (4) of the Social Security Act.
For In-patient hospital care, The Indiana Hospital Association has created an Internet tool available at www.mycareINsight.org to help you understand:
      * What's in your hospital bill
      * The comparison of quality & price
      * Where the data comes from

A feature of the above website allows you to compare charges for in-patient services across hospitals. The hospital bill you receive may be different than the estimated charges listed here. The estimates provided are an approximation of the total charges for a specific type of stay at Cameron Memorial Community Hospital (CMCH). They are not a legally binding quote of charges for services to be rendered. Your actual charges could be more or less than these estimates, based on the specific factors of your case. Some of these factors include:
      * The procedure planned may not be the procedure performed based on your physician's assessment.
      * Pre-existing health factors such as obesity, diabetes, and smoking may impact your medical needs.
      * The need for additional testing, medications, services, or procedures ordered during your care.

Important note about these charges: Imaging Services, Laboratory, Emergency Department, Urgent Care and Surgery charges do not include physician charges. Information relating to these charges can be obtained by calling 260.665-2141 ext. 5361.

Hospital charges for the most commonly performed procedures are:

   Room and Care Charge   Price
   ICU   $2,080.00
   Med-Surg   $1,300.00
   Swing Bed   $1,040.00
   Obstetrics   $1,300.00
   Nursery   $832.00

   Emergency Department   Price
   ED Level 1   $202.44
   ED Level 2   $319.39
   ED Level 3   $585.61
   ED Level 4   $1,008.80
   ED Level 5   $1,531.84
   ED Level 6   $1,904.44
   ED Level 1 Procedure      $202.44
   ED Level 2 Procedure      $319.39
   ED Level 3 Procedure      $585.61
   ED Level 4 Procedure      $1,008.80
   ED Level 5 Procedure      $1,531.84
   ED Level 6 Procedure      $1,904.44

   Urgent Care   Price
   Level 1 New   $126.62
   Level 2 New   $158.29
   Level 3 New   $186.61
   Level 4 New   $243.92
   Level 1 Established      $98.80
   Level 2 Established      $139.95
   Level 3 Established      $162.61
   Level 4 Established      $177.34

   Laboratory Charges   Price
   Draw Fee   $19.99
   CBC/Auto   $79.93
   Urinalysis microscopic   $60.20
   Troponin T   $158.16
   Lipid panel   $94.39
   Prothrombin   $39.61
   CBC with/without Diff   $53.20
   Creatinine serum   $86.84
   Basic Metabolic   $156.84
   CPK   $107.23
   CKMB Assay   $137.89
   TSH   $100.22
   PSA Screening   $112.90
   Myoglobin   $96.74
   Hemoglobin A1C   $103.11
   Magnesium   $58.50
   Blood Culture   $136.69
   SGOT   $37.79
   BUN   $39.68
   Lipase   $96.12
   Aerobic Bacteria ID   $69.52
   Sensitivity   $81.11
   Free T4   $108.22
   Electrolytes Panel   $59.98
   Liver Function Panel   $98.78
   HCG Pregnancy Test   $93.20
   Strep Grouping-Ea   $45.06
   HCB   $27.63
   HCT   $29.98
   Sed Rate   $94.56

The following list does not include charges for room rates, anesthesia, drugs, or supplies required for a particular delivery room procedure. Fees for physician and anesthesia services are also not reflected, and will be billed separately by your physician.

   Labor and Delivery Services   Price
   Labor Hour less than 24 hours   $16.64
   Labor Hour Initial   $969.28
   Non-Stress Test   $305.66
   Delivery Vaginal   $2,693.51
   Observation OB less than 24 hours   $16.64
   Observation OB more than 24 hours   $56.34

   Physical and Occupational Therapy   Price
   PT Therapeutic Procedure-15 minute   $100.22
   PT Evaluation Complete   $288.20
   PT Manual Therapy   $113.74
   PT Neuromuscular-15 minutes   $100.22
   PT Ultrasound-15 Minutes   $81.12
   PT Wound Debride Small   $314.56
   PT Aquatic Therapy-15 minutes      $92.87
   OT Therapeutic Procedure      $114.92
   OT Act Daily Liv-15 minutes      $98.80
   OT Evaluation      $290.96
   OT Therapeutic Act      $100.22
   OT Fluiotherapy      $86.17
   OT Senory Integration      $94.05

Please note: For all Imaging Services procedures, a Radiologist will bill professional fees separately for the test interpretation and writing of report. Charges for contrast materials used in some procedures are additional.

   Imaging Services   Price
   Chest 1 view   $267.87
   Chest 2 view   $399.87
   Abdomen   $377.48
   Acute Abdomen Series   $735.46
   Wrist 3 view   $308.06
   Lumbar spine 4 view   $586.48
   Ankle 3 view   $379.43
   Shoulder 2 view   $386.40
   MRI Lumbar spine with/without contrast   $3,484.00
   MRI Brain with/without contrast   $3,484.00
   MRI Brain without contrast   $1,976.00
   MRI Cervical spine without contrast   $1,976.00
   CT Head with/without contrast   $3,224.00
   CT Head without contrast   $1,716.00
   CT Cervical spine without contrast   $3,224.00
   CT Chest with/without contrast   $3,224.00
   CT Chest with contrast   $2,964.00
   CT Abdomen and pelvis with/without contrast   $3,224.00
   CAD Screening   $46.47
   Digital mammogram screening bilateral   $199.61
   Digital mammogram diagnostic bilateral   $375.99
   US Abdomen limited   $951.60
   Us Fetal more than 14 weeks   $762.37
   US Renal Sonography   $722.02
   US Pelvic   $751.77
   US Carotid Doppler   $1,109.84

   Respiratory Care   Price
   EKG   $230.96
   EEG   $823.68
   Methacholine Challenge   $1,144.09
   Pul Funct Single   $332.47
   Sleep Study-Bipap/Cpap   $4,872.13
   Sleep Study-MSLT   $3,960.28
   Sleep Study- PSGI   $4,197.00
   Inhaler- Initial/Cpap   $107.66
   Inahler-Subsequent   $95.17

Surgery room charges are based on the complexity level, with Level 1 being the most basic, for a particular operation. The prices will vary by the amount of time it takes as well as by the complexity of the procedure. These charges do not include fees for anesthesiology, drugs, supplies, or additional ancillary procedures that may be required for a particular operation.

   Surgery   Price
   Surg Level 1-Initial- 15 minutes   $941.43
   Surg Level 1 Subsequent minutes   $33.62
   Surg Level 2- 15 minutes   $1,075.92
   Surg Level 2 Subsequent minutes   $40.44
   Surg Level 3 Initial-15 minutes   $1,210.40
   Surg Level 3 Subsequent minutes   $47.22
   Surg Level 4-15 minutes   $1,344.90
   Surg Level 4 Subsequent minutes   $54.02
   General Anesthesia Initial-15 minutes   $183.39
   General Anesthesia Subsequent minutes   $12.34
   Regular Anesthesia Initial- 15 minutes   $109.93
   Regular Anesthesia Subsequent minutes   $7.34
   Anesthesia Con Sed Inital- 15 minutes   $73.48
   Anesthesia Con Sed Subsequent minutes   $4.99

If you have questions about a procedure or test that is not listed or need additional information, please call 260-665-2141 ext. 5361. A representative from CMCH will be available to help you.