Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Breastfeeding is an immensely beneficial process for mothers and infants alike. But to some mothers, breastfeeding can also be an unfamiliar and even intimidating process, particularly for those who are expecting their first child. At Cameron, we know that every mother’s journey is unique and creating a supportive environment for optimal feeding care is always our priority.

As part of National Breastfeeding Month, which runs through August, Bobbi Brown, Cameron Hospital’s nurse midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner, and the OB/GYN team are highlighting ways to support nursing and expectant mothers.

Danielle Werner, LPN and charge nurse for Cameron’s OB/GYN clinic, is a major advocate for breastfeeding. In her work in the clinic, she serves as a resource for nursing and expectant mothers, sharing information and directing families to organizations that can provide assistance.

Werner, a mother of three, also contributes directly to her community through breast milk donations to the Milk Bank, a national nonprofit committed to collecting and distributing breast milk to support nursing babies throughout the U.S. Since signing up to donate, Werner has donated over 2,400 ounces of breast milk, more than 10 times the minimum required donation. She drops off her donation at a hospital in Fort Wayne affiliated with the Milk Bank.

Werner wants other mothers to be aware of the work of the Milk Bank, she said. Mothers who are unable to produce breast milk can apply to receive donor milk, while nursing mothers can follow her lead by making donations directly, she said.

“I’m always looking to share my experience with other moms and let people know that the Milk Bank is super easy to use,” she said. “Anyone can do it.”

Cameron Hospital has abundant resources for women who have questions or concerns about breastfeeding.


5 Benefits of Breastfeeding

Christina Groves, a lactation specialist in Cameron’s Birthing and Maternity Center, regularly meets with new parents and expectant mothers to discuss the benefits of breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding is beneficial to both the mother and baby,” she said. “For many moms, nursing has its share of ups and downs. We’re here to support mothers at all stages of their breastfeeding journey.”

Breastfeeding provides many benefits, but it can also be challenging. Here’s what expectant mothers should know:

  • Breastfeeding provides many important nutrients to babies. Breast milk contains many of the important nutrients babies require in the first few months of their lives, including colostrum, a fluid that’s full of protein and other beneficial compounds.
  • Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of certain diseases and illnesses. Children who are breastfed have a lower chance of developing respiratory tract infections, ear infections, colds and infections, intestinal tissue damage, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), allergies, bowel disease, diabetes, and more.
  • It’s a natural way for mothers to bond with their newborns. In addition to contributing to a child’s neurological development, breastfeeding also provides an opportunity for mothers to bond with their children.
  • It saves money. While uniquely nutritious, breast milk is also free, unlike formula.
  • If you’re unable to produce breast milk, resources are available. Many women experience challenges producing breast milk and breastfeeding. Resources are available, including from the Milk Bank and support groups available through Cameron.


Contact Cameron OB/GYN for Breastfeeding Help

No matter where your journey takes you, every mother has the right to be informed so she can decide what is best for her and her baby. To learn more about breastfeeding and Cameron’s OB/GYN and birthing and maternity services, call 260-665-2141 or contact us through our website.



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