How to Help Student Athletes Avoid Injuries

Participating in school sports comes with a long list of advantages, including promoting physical activity, self-confidence, teamwork, leadership and social skills. However, all sports do come with a risk of injury. Cameron Orthopedics physician, Dr. Michael Rosen, says there are steps parents and student athletes can take to help avoid injuries.

Avoid overuse

Traumatic injuries are often caused by events such as falls, collisions, twists, etc. While these traumatic injuries are what many parents fear most, overuse injuries are actually much more common. Thankfully, there are steps athletes can take to avoid them.

Always warm up

It’s natural to want to skip this step, but those boring warm-up drills can help avoid strains. Heated muscles are less likely to be strained, so warm-ups really do help.

Wear the right gear

Always make sure protective equipment is worn and that it fits properly. 

Work on flexibility

Flexibility helps student athletes avoid injuries by helping ensure that muscles work effectively and that joints are able to move through their full range of motion. Stretching exercises before and after physical activity help increase flexibility. 

Participate in strength and conditioning

Actively participating in conditioning programs not only help improve performance, but also help prevent injuries by strengthening muscles, tendons, joints, etc. Student athletes should follow school-approved or professionally-designed programs that focus on safety first.

Play smart

Student athletes need to understand the importance of following the rules of a game. Dangerous actions that put their own safety or the safety of other players at risk should not be tolerated at any level.  

Reviewed by: Michael Rosen, DO, Cameron Orthopedics
Dr. Rosen is a licensed, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, who specializes in sports medicine, as well as general orthopedic care. He is now accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment, call Cameron Orthopedics at (260) 667-5556.


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