What to Expect from Cameron’s Rehabilitation Services

Healing doesn’t always happen on its own – after an injury, surgery or accident, additional rehabilitation might be necessary. But what can you expect if you or a loved one receives a referral from a physician to rehabilitation services?

What to Expect

At Cameron Rehabilitation, we offer occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services. A comprehensive program for patients with Parkinson’s disease is also currently in development. This program will include speech therapy, occupational therapy, exercise classes and a support group.

A typical rehab visit can vary greatly depending on which form of therapy you need, your diagnosis for therapy, and the plan of care established during your initial therapy evaluation. This initial evaluation will lead to an individualized plan specific to your diagnosis and needs.

Plan of Care

Each patient’s plan of care is established during an evaluation with their therapist. Based on this evaluation, recommended treatments could include exercise, modalities for pain management and home exercise programs. For example, cardiac and pulmonary rehab plans are typically comprised of a 12-week program where patients attend 60-minute monitored exercise classes at Cameron Hospital three days a week. These classes are customized to each patient’s capabilities and fitness level.

Generally, rehab appointments last between 30 and 60 minutes. Most Cameron Rehabilitation sessions provide you with one-on-one access to a therapist, with the exception of the cardiac and pulmonary rehab exercise classes, which provide a therapist for every four patients.

Why Cameron Rehabilitation?

Cameron is the only provider in Steuben County, Indiana, that offers all five therapy services at our facilities. This means no matter what your needs are, you can find all the rehabilitation services you need under one roof. Our department also excels at customer service from initial contact through discharge. We work hard to know our patients on a first-name basis and to establish consistent treatment teams for a patient’s entire plan of care.

Cameron’s rehab services are not limited to just the doctor’s office and treatment center. Each patient will be guided through steps to complete at home that will ensure progress continues outside the walls of our rehab facility. This can include daily exercise programs and weekly education on your condition with dietary and exercise recommendations.

To learn more about Cameron Rehabilitation, visit our website or call 260-667-5144.


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