Cameron Memorial Community Hospital Foundation

Bringing Health and Wellness Home

At the Cameron Foundation, our job is to support the hospital in its overall mission to improve the quality of life for those we serve through relationships focused on health and wellness. We do this by working to gather as many resources as possible from a variety of sources in order to make the greatest impact.

Through generous support of both individuals, corporate donors and grants, we’re able to directly impact not only hospital patients, but also countless people throughout our entire community. That’s because the Cameron Foundation contributes to various programming and organizations that are supported by the hospital. These vital programs promote overall health, help prevent illnesses, offer support to those facing medical challenges and share valuable information to promote long-term wellness.


Foundation Focus Areas

While the Foundation contributes to many specific programs, we focus on these specific areas:

  • Education. We understand the power of education, so we provide funds for continuing education opportunities for Cameron Hospital employees. We also support scholarships for area high school students and Cameron employees who want to pursue careers in the medical field and our business support offices.
  • Community Health and Wellness Programs. Community hospitals should take the lead in health initiatives. The Cameron Foundation helps support programs such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, grief support, breastfeeding education, public vaccinations and more.
  • Leadership Development. We believe that when a leader gets better, we all get better. So we strive to develop capable leaders who will provide sound guidance and decision-making within the organization, as well as throughout the community as a whole.
  • Community Partnerships. By strategically partnering with area organizations, we can accomplish more and strengthen efforts to improve the quality of life throughout the community.

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