5 Healthy Activities to Keep your Kids Active this Spring Break

While you may dream of relaxing on a white sandy beach or racing down the slopes at a luxurious ski resort, the truth is the vast majority of kids spend spring break close to home. So how do you keep them entertained without giving in to non-stop screen time?


Healthy Spring Break Activities for Kids

Cameron Pediatrics has five great suggestions for fun activities to keep kids of all ages happy and healthy over spring break – without breaking the bank.

1. Fall in Love with Your Hometown

We love Angola and Steuben County! But how well do you really know it? Take a fresh look at the region by focusing on all the great places tourists go. Visit a museum, discover hidden historical gems, or explore our great parks. Don’t forget to dine at a local spot, too. It’s a great way for your family to build some hometown pride.

2. Bake Up Some Tasty Competition

Cooking competitions are all the rage these days. So let your kids get in on the action with their own kitchen showdown – with plenty of parent supervision of course. They can look for tasty, healthy recipes online or try their hand at a family favorite. Pass out aprons and let them get a little messy! Then celebrate with a big tasting party. They won’t even realize that they’re learning valuable life skills along the way.

3. Give Back

Yes, spring break is supposed to be fun. But giving to others is a vital part of a healthy life and doing something nice for someone else feels great. Clean an elderly or overworked neighbor’s yard. Volunteer at the local food bank. Plan a visit to a retirement home. Donate time to the local animal shelter. The work may only take a few hours, but the feeling that comes from pitching in and helping others lasts much longer.

4. Get Moving!

Take advantage of warmer weather and (slightly) longer days to go outside and play! Keep it simple with an old-fashioned game of tag or hide-n-seek, or think longer term by starting a training regimen led by your kids. Research upcoming 5K’s or other community events your family can start training for now. You can even set up an obstacle course and begin your American Ninja Warrior training. The only rules are getting everyone involved and having fun.

5. Go Old School

Spring break is the perfect time for you to show your kids what old school gaming is all about. These games may not require the latest gaming system, but they’re still plenty of fun.
  • Balloon tennis/volleyball – blow up a few balloons and create a court inside or out
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Paper airplanes/flying kites – kids can’t resist these classics
  • Domino runs – you can spend hours setting up a huge run, then let them capture the magic on your phone to show off the big fall
  • Kickball – go ahead, we dare you not to have fun

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