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Why Choose Cameron Hospital for Your Birth?

When it comes to welcoming your baby into the world, of course you want everything to be perfect. We understand. At the Cameron Birthing Center, we are committed to making your birth experience as safe, natural and joyful as possible. We have designed our Birthing Center to provide reliable, responsive, personalized care for you, your baby and your family.

We offer comprehensive services and programs, comfortable surroundings and the latest technology in a responsive, family-centered environment—all with a personalized approach for your unique birth experience. We’re honored to join you on your personal journey of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

We understand that preparing for the birth of your baby can seem overwhelming, so we offer classes and programs to help you feel more confident, healthy and relaxed.

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Our Birthing Center Features

Large, private labor and delivery rooms, each with a private shower

Advanced fetal monitoring

Large, private postpartum rooms, each with a private shower

Lactation specialists available

Hydrotherapy with JET tubs available

Aromatherapy available

Wireless internet access

SAFE PLACE infant security system

Childbirth & New Parent Classes We Offer

Preparing for Childbirth

Taught by a professional prenatal educator, our childbirth classes explain all aspects of labor, delivery and postpartum.

Birth Planning

Cameron has a full-time birth planner on staff who provides one-on-one consultations through our Special Touch Delivery Program. You’ll get a full tour of the Birthing Center, learn how to create a personalized birth plan, and discover pain control options.


Taught by a board-certified lactation consultant, these classes help mothers gain confidence with breastfeeding. We also offer a post-delivery breastfeeding support group.

What Should You Look for in a Maternity Hospital?

Although nine months seems like a rather long time, once your pregnancy progresses to the second trimester, that time usually begins to fly. This is just one of the reasons choosing a hospital for delivery early in your second trimester is beneficial.

Read on to learn what we recommend to new mothers as they select their labor and delivery hospital.

1. Exceptional Care

Choose a hospital that provides exceptional care for you and your bundle of joy. Besides routine baby care, make sure they offer advanced fetal care.

2. Security for You and Your New Baby

You want to know that when your baby is not with you, he or she is safely being cared for by hospital staff. Hospital security should include a locking, monitored entrance and exit door as well as an infant security system.

3. Personalized Options for Your Birth Plan

When choosing a maternity hospital, your specific birthing needs must be available. These needs may include hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and pain medication. Additionally, choosing a hospital for delivery that has a board-certified anesthesiologist available to administer the medication is recommended.

4. Wireless Baby Monitoring

Wireless monitoring allows you to walk around freely while you are in labor, which is extremely beneficial because if you remain active, your labor should progress faster.

5. Rooming-In

Choosing maternity hospital that offers rooming-in means that as long as your baby does not require any special medical assistance, he or she can remain in a bassinet in your room.

6. Comfortable Rooms with Large Showers

Another factor to consider is whether you will receive a private labor and delivery and postpartum room. Both rooms should be suitably furnished and of good size so that mothers and their families can enjoy the experience as much as possible, without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.


7. C-Section Experts and Operating Rooms

Choosing a hospital for delivery that has an operating room and a team of experts to perform C-sections ensures that, should the need arise, you can have this procedure. While no new mom expects for her birth plan to go awry, choosing a state-of-the-art medical hospital ensures your safety and comfort should unexpected procedures be required.

8. Lactation Consultants

Many mothers who plan on bypassing breastfeeding and heading directly into sterilized bottles and formula change their minds after their little one is placed into their arms. Trained lactation consultants can provide breastfeeding education to new mothers or those who experience challenges while nursing.

9. Educational Materials

Although educational materials benefit all mothers, they are especially helpful for first-time mothers. The materials available should be wide-ranging, covering everything from how to swaddle your baby to the ABCs of safe sleep. At Cameron Hospital and Birthing Center, we want to provide more than just a safe space to deliver your baby — we want to help our new mothers step confidently into their new role by providing thorough maternity and pediatric education and classes for parents.

If you are pregnant, we want to offer you our warmest congratulations!

Mothers-to-be who are searching for a labor and delivery hospital, should consider Cameron Hospital’s Birthing Center. At our state-of-the-art Birthing Center, you and your baby receive all the amenities listed above, and more.

Gina Hirschy

Speak to Our Birth Planner & OB Educator, Gina Hirschy

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