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What Is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is dedicated to the well-being and safety of a company’s biggest asset — it’s employees. Healthcare professionals in this specialty field of medicine are focused on both the physical and mental health of the more than 150 million Americans that make up the U.S. workforce. They work with companies in all lines of work, from factories to traditional office spaces.

To help prevent illness and injury in the workplace, professionals in the occupational health field monitor the health of the workforce and study how employees work and how they could work safer. As part of the field, an occupational health professional might also work with a company to ensure they are compliant with safety regulations from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or other governing bodies. They will also advise a company on ways to adjust or improve working conditions.

What Is an Occupational Health Check?

Occupational health services will also work with your company to conduct required health screenings, called an occupational health check. A health check or health assessment is a health screening tool to determine an employees ability to do a specific job and if they are suitable for that role. The goal of these checks is to determine if an individual is suited for a job and to further prevent injury and disease at the workplace. These checks are more common for jobs that require a special physical ability, such as heavy lifting.

Employers may require occupational health checks throughout an employee’s tenure at an organization. This is especially true, for example, if your job requires you to deal with hazardous materials or if you have been absent from work due to an illness or injury suffered in the workplace.

Our Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health goes beyond simply treating injuries. On top of traditional occupational health, we also serve local employers by providing services such as accident prevention, medical treatment, workplace wellness, physical therapy and rehabilitation, safety evaluations, pre-employment screenings and more. All of the services are backed by the staff and resources of Cameron Hospital, including 24-hour emergency room care, rehabilitation service and community health.

When workplace injuries do occur, our Occupational Health staff helps assess the cause, including current workplace conditions, personal health history and external factors. The goal of our Occupational Health clinic is to accurately diagnose and treat while minimizing costs, hassles and disruptions associated with managing the medical care for employees.

The tables below outline services we offer both onsite and at our hospital campus. Keep in mind that we can customize an occupational health plan that is well-suited to your workplace.

Meet Our Occupational Health Specialists

Baily Tresenriter

Bailey Tresenriter, PA-C

Physician’s Assistant

Bailey Tresenriter, PA-C, is a physician’s assistant for Cameron’s Urgent Care, Respiratory Clinic and Occupational Health teams. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Indiana University and a Master of Science in physician assistant studies from Butler University. Bailey’s passion for healthcare stems from her drive to care for others and restore them to health. Outside the hospital, Bailey enjoys traveling, camping, cycling and spending time with her husband, two children and brood of chickens.

Tammi McCoy

Tammi McCoy

Physician’s Assistant

Tammi McCoy is a physician’s assistant at Cameron Memorial Community Hospital. With over 30 years of experience in the field, she spent more than a decade in orthopedic-specific care and holds degrees from both Northern Arizona University and Western Michigan University. Her passion for people is what drew her to the healthcare field, and her favorite part about working at Cameron is the tight-knit community. In her free time, Tammi volunteers at Compassion Pregnancy Center and is an active member of the women’s ministry at Sonlight Community Church. She also loves spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors and crafting.

We can custom-tailor programs to fit your needs. Effective 8-16-21, Occupational Health will now be located at 1381 N Wayne Street, Angola IN (located inside Cameron Urgent Care). For more information on all available industrial services, please contact Occupational Health by phone at 260-667-5613 or email.

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