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What Does a Registered Dietitian Do?

The registered dietitian and nutrition services at Cameron Memorial Community Hospital specialize in using food and nutrition to manage disease and promote health. Our staff uses their expertise to advise clients on which foods to eat when they are working towards reaching a specific health-related goal or when they just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why See a Registered Dietitian?

People who have various disorders, health conditions and dietary sensitivities may visit a dietitian for assistance with healthy meal planning. Patients who receive enteral nutrition may also benefit from working with a registered dietitian who can calculate the patients’ estimated needs and provide them with the proper formulas for nutrition.

While creating each customized plan, a registered dietitian recognizes the client’s preferences and takes his or her budget into consideration. After the patient has been following his or her meal plan for some time, the dietitian will evaluate its effectiveness, making changes when necessary.

Not only can a dietitian help patients create healthy meal plans, but they can also help you understand how to read and understand food labels so that you can make healthy choices outside of the doctor’s office.

Our registered dietitian will teach patients which ingredients they need to avoid, as well as specifics related to understanding food labels. Patients also learn ways to eat healthily, inexpensively and recognize misinformation. You may also receive tips for staying on your eating plan even while dining out.

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Nutrition Counseling Services We Provide

In addition to providing general nutrition counseling and meal planning, our registered dietitian can also provide services related to specific conditions that can affect your dietary needs.

Gluten Sensitivity or Intolerance

Patients who are sensitive to or intolerant of gluten need a diet that is free of wheat, rye and barley. An experienced dietitian can help these individuals by providing them with suggestions about ways they can replace these foods with others that will not cause the digestive issues associated with this condition.

Weight Management

Registered dietitians counsel patients on implementing healthy eating habits. If a client needs to gain weight, our dietitian provides information about ways the client can increase his or her caloric intake. Individuals who would like to lose weight are provided with tips on how to make small, sustainable changes in their diets and implement regular physical activity to help balance their caloric intake and output.

Pediatric Disorders

Registered dietitians help children with chronic constipation, heart conditions, a failure to thrive, malnutrition, developmental disorders that affect a child’s behavior while eating, diabetes, pre-diabetes, eating disorders as well as feeding and swallowing disorders.


Our registered dietitian helps patients who have osteoporosis, and those who are concerned about developing this condition, change their eating habits to find foods that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D, while reducing acidity in the body. This reduction in acidity results in an alkaline environment, which can help protect the bones.

Kidney Disease

Registered dietitians educate patients with kidney disease and their caregivers on which foods and fluids are the most beneficial for the patient. In addition, our dietitian explains the specific amount of protein, nutrients, vitamins, fat and minerals the patient should consume.


Our registered dietitians specialize in working with diabetic patients with unique nutritional needs. For patients with Type II Diabetes in particular, a registered dietitian can provide medical nutrition therapy (MNT) that highlights nutritional needs and meal plans to help manage diabetes. 

Medical Dietary Needs

Patients with cardiovascular problems, cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, and other medical conditions may have certain dietary needs and restrictions. Our experienced registered dietitian will help patients with special dietary needs safely change their eating plan, without sacrificing nutrition or taste. 

Sports Nutrition

Dietitians frequently help individuals who are preparing to run a marathon as well as those who would like to become more physically active and eat healthier.

Meet Our Provider

Anne Reitz, WHNPC, is an experienced nurse practitioner working in conjunction with Dr. Tom Miller

Hailey Meert, RDN

Hailey Meert is a registered dietitian nutritionist. She received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Ball State University. She offers nutrition education for many areas including but not limited to diabetic, weight management, heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, pediatrics and food intolerances.

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