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Here at Cameron, we pride ourselves in being a resource to our patients in and around Steuben County. In 2019, Steuben was ranked the 10th healthiest county in Indiana. Let’s keep the wellness going!

Know Your Numbers – American Heart Month

With Valentine’s Day approaching and heart-shaped decorations all around, there are ample reminders to focus on heart health this season. The month of February is American Heart Month, and Cameron Cardiology encourages you to use this time to get familiar with your...

Hand-Washing Tips

Hand-Washing Tips

While hand-washing is often seen as a brainless chore, people tend to underestimate the power of this simple task. Dr. Lynn Faur, of Cameron Medical Group, says it’s the MOST important intervention to prevent the spread of disease. Our hands touch dozens of surfaces...

How to Make and Achieve Your Goals in 2023

Many people set New Year’s resolutions. Making a goal is the easy part, but sticking to the plan and achieving that goal can be difficult. To kick off the new year, Cameron’s wellness coordinator, Ryan Sheets, and registered dietitian nutritionist, Hailey Meert, are...

How to Prevent Winter Heart Attacks

Shoveling snow can be seen as a necessary (though tedious) winter task, but it can be dangerous for those with cardiovascular conditions.

Seasonal Depression Awareness Month

Seasonal depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder can make winter hard for many people. A psychiatrist can help you find relief from these symptoms.

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