Bridging the Gap From Hospital to Home

Nestled within the walls of our hospital, our transitional care unit (TCU) plays a crucial role in the recovery journey of countless individuals. In this blog, we delve into the heart of this department, exploring its primary purpose, distinctive features, benefits and more!

The Primary Purpose of the TCU:

The primary purpose of our transitional care unit is to provide individuals with the specialized care and support they need before transitioning back to their homes safely. This unit is designed to cater to patients with diverse needs. Providing a range of services for those requiring skilled nursing care, wound care, antibiotics and rehabilitation services. The rehab services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The average stay in our TCU is approximately 12 days. During this stay, our providers tailor their services to meet the specific requirements of each patient. This includes assessing what equipment they might need at home or arranging for home health services, ensuring each patient has what they need to transition successfully and safely to life at home.

What Sets Our TCU Apart:

Our TCU stands out from other rehab facilities due to the exceptional level of care we provide. Patients often receive therapy three to four times a day, including weekends. At Cameron, you always have access to care. A hospitalist and a nurse practitioner are available 24/7, ensuring the patient’s needs are always met. Following your stay with us, we check in with four post-discharge phone calls to ensure your continued health-journey success after leaving Cameron.

Key Benefits of Transitioning Through Our TCU:

Transitioning patients through our TCU before discharging them offers multiple benefits. These patients become equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to ensure a smoother transition home. Transitional care reduces fall risks and allows follow-up appointments to be scheduled, medication to be prepared and more. For some patients, the TCU also grants their families extra time to prepare the home environment for the patient’s return.

“The entire nursing and therapy team are just the best I have ever had. They are so professional. Also, the food and cleaning staff were ALL on top of taking care of my needs. I will be returning here to Cameron for pulmonary rehab even though it is a one-hour drive each way, three days a week. It will absolutely be worth the drive. Thank you all for the inspiration!” – Patient Testimonial

Our transitional care unit and team ensure that patients receive the support they need for a safe and successful return to their homes. It is part of our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to our community, bridging the gap between hospital and home.

To learn more about our TCU, click here.


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