February is American Heart Month

Valentine’s Day is behind us, and retail stores are clearing their shelves of heart-shaped goodies. However, now’s a good time to turn the focus to our own hearts. February is American Heart Month, and Cameron Cardiology encourages you to make heart health a priority.


Heart Health Tips

At Cameron Cardiology, we believe early detection and prevention are essential to ensuring our patients live healthy lives. Our team recommends a few easy ways to prioritize your heart health:

  • Start using a calendar like this one, created by the CDC, which contains tips and reminders on ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • See a physician at least once a year, and know your cholesterol, ejection fraction, and blood pressure numbers. Cameron Cardiology can help you get, understand and manage these numbers.
  • If you have high blood pressure, check your blood pressure twice a day – once in the morning and once at night – to help you and your doctor gain a better understanding of your health. Keep a log of your blood pressure including date and time and share it with your physician.


About American Heart Month

American Heart Month was started in 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, and every February since then has been declared American Heart Month. This year, the American Heart Association is raising awareness of heart disease in women. Nearly 1 in 3 women will experience heart disease in their lifetimes.

Cameron’s cardiology team works with patients to take care of their hearts. According to Heather Connelly, BSN, RN, executive director of medical specialty services, and Chris Fraze, RT (R), coordinator of the cardiology and device clinic, some simple lifestyle habits can help women maintain a healthy heart:

  • Limit salt and caffeine intake and maintain a heart healthy diet.
  • Adopt a heart-healthy workout plan, such as regularly swimming, biking or walking briskly.
  • Stay close to family and friends, and let their support help with managing stress.

COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on many areas of our lives, including our heart health. Unhealthy habits picked up during the pandemic, such as eating too much or spending too much time on the couch, can affect your heart, as can the virus and its lingering symptoms. The best thing to do, according to Heather and Chris, is to start and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.


Cardiac Services at Cameron Hospital

In the event of a cardiac episode, Cameron Cardiology offers many diagnostic and procedural opportunities close to home, including device implant and management, stress testing, and echocardiography. Whatever your symptoms and concerns, you will receive consistent care at Cameron delivered by an experienced, caring, and compassionate team.

To Dr. Varner and everyone at Cameron Cardiology, every month is heart month.

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