Inside Hospital Week 2024

Hospital Week 2024 was nothing short of an amazing celebration as Cameron employees came together for a week filled with excitement, laughter, and appreciation. Here’s a recap of the memorable moments that made this year’s celebration truly special!

The week kicked off with an inspiring mayoral proclamation from Mayor Martin in the main hobby and a sweet treat from Scoops Ice Cream. There were flavors to satisfy everyone, spreading delight among staff members.


Another highlight of the week was the much-anticipated employee picnic. Under the warm sunshine, colleagues gathered to enjoy delicious food served by our administrative team and got to unwind in each other’s company.


Hospital Week wouldn’t be complete without prizes and recognition for the hard work and dedication of the hospital staff. From raffle drawings to awards for individuals who completed the week’s challenges, Cameron co-workers were acknowledged for their contributions, motivating everyone to continue striving for excellence in their roles. The heartfelt celebrations underscored how deeply valued each team member is, reinforcing Cameron’s commitment to supporting and uplifting its staff as they deliver the highest quality care to patients every day.


The omelet bar and visit from Fire and Ice was just another way that our employees came together to enjoy one another’s company and fellowship. Members of our administration went around the hospital and to offsite locations with a snack cart, where employees got to build their own trail mix!


As Hospital Week 2024 draws to a close, the memories created, and the bonds strengthened will continue to resonate within the hospital community. Cameron’s leadership team is truly proud and grateful for the exceptional individuals that make up our hospital. We also express our deepest gratitude for the team members who were on the Hospital Week committee and made these celebrations possible. It’s moments like these that remind us of the importance of appreciation and togetherness in delivering exceptional care to those we serve. Here’s to many more years of fun, fellowship, and coming together as the Cameron family!


 Date Published: May 24, 2024








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