Simplify Your Healthcare with Cameron MyChart

No one likes waiting, especially when it concerns medical care. Whether it’s for test results or scheduling a routine visit with your primary care physician, patients deserve to have immediate access to all of their essential health records.

At Cameron, we have taken steps to ensure patients have convenient and secure access to their health information. Cameron MyChart, a platform available to all Cameron patients, is tailored to your healthcare needs. From billing and insurance to scheduling visits and reviewing records, MyChart makes it easier to navigate your healthcare records and appointments.


Benefits of MyChart

Read on to learn more about how Cameron MyChart can help you.

Schedule an appointment. Making appointments is simple with Cameron MyChart. Once you log in to the platform, you can find available appointment times with your chosen primary care provider or specialist.

Update pertinent health information. Before coming in for an appointment, you can also use Cameron MyChart to update your health records, including insurance information, medical history, medications, allergies and immunizations. This helps ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

Keep tabs on your health records. Using Cameron MyChart, you can view lab results and medical results as soon as they are available. We encourage all patients to review their records and discuss any questions or concerns with their healthcare providers.

Request prescription refills. If you have medications you take regularly, you can request prescription refills through Cameron MyChart.

Pay your medical bills online. Using Cameron MyChart, you can review charges for your medical care and make safe and secure payments.

Keep tabs on a family member’s health records. Whether you need medical information for a child or an adult family member, Cameron MyChart allows you to easily and securely view a family member’s health records. To do so, you must first complete a proxy application form and submit it to a Cameron facility.

Ready to learn more? To learn more about Cameron MyChart or to create an account, visit our website or call the Cameron MyChart registration line at 260-667-5655 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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